Jun 23, 2019

GentleLase Review: GentleLase Hair Removal

Physician Review of GentleLase Hair Removal by Syneron Candela
  • 9.0/10 Overall
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Editorial Review


  • High level of physician confidence in GentleLase
  • Permanently removes hair well with less pain and is considered safer than most other lasers by many experts
  • Reliable, safe, large spot size and pulse rate for fast treatments.
  • Versatile, treats mostly any hair type. Excellent laser hair removal device for skin types 1-4 (lighter skin types). Second wavelength is safe and effective for dark skin types 5-6
  • Laser hair removal is uncomfortable (since heat is generated to target the hair follicle). however, the speed of treatment and dynamic cooling device makes this laser more comfortable than the rest


  • No laser is effective removing white hair

Things You should know:

  • Don't pluck hair or wax for at least 4 weeks before the treatment
  • The best candidates for laser hair removal does not have a tan. Strict sun avoidance prior to the procedure.

Most Common Use Cases :

  • Laser assisted hair removal in most skin types

Physician Testimonials

"I find this hair removal laser to be the most effective, efficient and versatile for all skin types, I use the GentleMax for all my hair removal treatments now. I've used many other devices in the past, but this is by far my favorite." Elizabeth Tanzi M.D.

"You will need multiple treatments to achieve your results.  You might want to apply anesthetic cream before procedure." Amy Taub M.D.

Additional Information

Procedure Description:

GentleLase hair removal is a fast and comfortable laser hair removal treatment for all skin types. It claims an 80% hair reduction in as few as three treatments, depending on skin and hair type provides. The system has a large 24mm spot size can treat a back in less than 15 minutes. The same system can also treat the following: epidermal pigmented lesions, sun-damaged skin, Age spots, freckles, vascular anomalies, spider veins, telangiectasia on the face and legs, telangiectatic matting, pseudofolliculitis barbae, beard bumps.

Typical Clinical Applications:

Laser hair removal, pigmentation and veins.

Best Patient Candidates:

All skin types, brown and black hair.

Other Patients Considerations:


GentleLase US Procedure Cost & Price Range:

$150-$800 per treatment depending on the area.

Average Number of Treatments Needed:

3-4 Treatment sessions per area.

Gentle Hair Removal

Gentle Hair Removal

Gentle laser hair removal is a nonsurgical procedure that can remove unwanted hair in all skin types with a dual wavelength laser device.