The Scoop On <b>Belly</b> Button Plastic Surgery

We're talking about belly button plastic surgery, and there is actually a medical term for it: umbilicoplasty. This procedure restores the size and appearance of ......

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Thermage Review: Skin <b>Tightening</b> & Wrinkle Treatment

Cons:Not a replacement for a facelift.Tightening is only modest in majority of patients, not as dramatic as some people want.For more significant sagging Thermage is not the right ......

Tags: Skin Tightening, radio frequency skin tightening, Wrinkle Reduction

InfiniSkin Treatment Review: Skin <b>Tightening</b> & Acne

Can use on all skin types. Safe for ethnic skin (skin of color).Patients see tightening in the treated areas as well as improvement in their skin texture.Real results for acne scars.Minimal downtime.Very effective for acne ......

Tags: radio frequency skin tightening, Microneedling, RF

Profound Review: Skin <b>Tightening</b> Treatment & Procedure

Skin tightening for laxity due to gravityCons:Need to completely anesthetize the skin; although that makes it painless, it means additional bruising and ......

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INTRAcel Treatment Review: Skin <b>Tightening</b> & Acne

... scars, scar treatment, fine lines and wrinkles, pores, skin texture and toning, skin laxity, skin tightening, stretch marks, striae. I can be used anywhere on the body including face, neck, chest, knees, arms.Best Patient Candidates: Can be used ......

Tags: Skin Tightening, RF, Fractional, INTRAcel , microneedling

Fractora Review: Acne & Skin <b>Tightening</b> Treatment

Clinical Applications:Moderate to deep wrinkle effacement. Acne scarring, all skin types. Skin tightening on and off the face. Resistant cystic acne all skin types. Reduction of enlarged pores. Best Patient Candidates:All ages, all skin ......

Tags: Wrinkle Reduction, rf skin tightening, radiofrequency skin tightening, microneedling

ThermiTight Review: Skin <b>Tightening</b> Treatment

Level6.5Overall Satisfaction7.5Editorial ReviewPros:Procedure takes 30 to 60 minutesLifting and tightening of sagging jaw line and neck in generalMinimal downtime, excellent resultsHigh patient satisfactionSingle treatment procedure that ......

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When It Comes To Cosmetic Medicine, Is The Body The New Face?

... (area in front of the underarm that is often accentuation with a bra), area around the umbilicus (belly button) and very small fat pockets on the back," explains Dr. Mark H. Schwartz, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Manhattan.Kybella For ...... helping to lift buttocks, and in the future may shape and sculpt other areas where muscles need tightening along with fat reduction such as the thighs.Cutera truSculpt iDYou've heard about Coolsculpting that freezes fat cells. Then there was ......

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Procedures For Summer Success

Belly fat: Bikinis and belly fat are not friends. If you've tried a dedicated program of diet and exercise but still aren't happy with the ......

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Intensif Review: Micro Needling & Acne Treatment

Editorial ReviewPros:Treatment improves oily skin, pores, texture, fine lines and skin tightening.Only 1-2 days redness post treatment.Excellent results particularly for acne scarring, good technology for deep delivery of topicals. ......

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A Prejuvenation Guide To Preventing Wrinkles and Slowing Aging

SkinCare Physicians experts about the best treatment for you. 6. Skin tightening procedures: Last but not least of the prejuvenation steps is the use of non-surgical radiofrequency (RF) skin or ultrasound skin ......

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My Mother's Neck!

RF is often used to treat acne scars and for skin tightening around the jawline. We asked Dr. Munavalli if it can help with looseness and that crepey texture on the neck we often see pop up in our ......

Tags: Aging issues, wrinkle removal, Wrinkles, radio frequency skin tightening, Microneedling, Loose Skin, Neck Tighetning, Prejuvenation

The Secrets Behind Celebrity Red Carpet Looks

... non-surgical options to liposuction that can make an impact on stubborn muffin tops, back fat, and belly fat.  Body contouring with these treatments either uses laser to heat fat cells (SculpSure) or CoolSculpting freeze the fat cells.  ......

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The Complications, Risks and Side Effects Of Cryolipolysis/CoolSculpting And Fat Freezing

Cool Sculpting has a growing fan base of patients who are frustrated with stubborn belly, arm, thigh, and back fat, and have turned to this exciting procedure in the hopes of eliminating the unwanted fat that just won’t budge ......

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Outsource Your Exercise with EmSculpt, FuturaFit, EMSell

This included the Relax-a-cizor, a vibrating belt that promised to shake away belly fat, the Slim n’ Trim rotating board that was meant to be used to mimic the Twist dance craze, the Ab Circle Pro, which is a rotating ......

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder And Possible Treatments

... that we may not be fond of, whether it be a prominent nose, thin hair, wide hips, or a soft belly. We may look in the mirror and pinch the skin around our waist, be self-conscious about being in photos, or dread the harsh light of the ......

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What is Microneedling?: Microneedling Procedure & Benefits

Tags: Collagen, Scar, hyperpigmentation, Microneedling, Chemical Peel, Blemish

Give Yourself a Lift: The NON-SURGICAL Facelift is Here!

The RF energy then targets the dermal fibers and gets to work tightening. The treatment time takes about 20 minutes for the face and 10 minutes for the neck, and there is absolutely no downtime. What it ......

Tags: Facelift, Scarlet, Wrinkles, radio frequency skin tightening, Neck Tighetning, Non Surgical, Prejuvenation

Benefits of Microneedling with RF

RF), combines two technologies that can help with acne scars, pore size, and tightening of the skin.  Dr. Paul Friedman, a board-certified dermatologist from Houston, says, "We're finding new applications, ......

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Trending: What's Hip In Cosmetic Procedures Right Now

Laser hair removal: Dermabrasion, CoolSculpting, SculpSure, and Kybella, Non-surgical skin tightening with laser treatmentWhile the ASPS board-certified plastic surgeons continue to successfully perform these favored procedures for their ......

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We Want to Know: Mel B

Texas. (Mel B is now 44 years old.) “I know for a fact that she's had some skin tightening procedures in the form of radio- frequency and she's openly admitted that which I really appreciate. It's very annoying when ......

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The Neck of Time: The Best Neck Rejuvenating Treatments

How Do I Know Which Type of Tightening is Best for Me?"There are so many ways to tighten the skin, and they all really do the same thing," says Dr. Ortiz. ......

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Saline Vs. Silicone Breast Implants Pros and Cons

... of scar tissue around the implant as the body's response to a foreign object, resulting in a tightening and hardening of the implant.  Not everyone who undergoes breast augmentation will develop encapsulation, and those that do can ......

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The Power of Retinoids

Using a retinoid around the eyes will renew elastic tissue and collagen, tightening skin and improving fine lines and wrinkles.It improves photodamage and pigmentation issues. "If you give me 12 months," says Dr. ......

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RF Microneedling Procedure: What is Radiofrequency Microneedling?

This has led to profound results, especially for the treatment of scars, stretch marks, and skin tightening.The actual RF microneedling procedure is well-tolerated by most patients. A topical anesthetic, or numbing cream, is applied to the skin ......

Tags: Scar, Stretch Marks, non surgical skin tightening, rf skin tightening, radiofrequency skin tightening, microneedle

CoolScupting CoolMini Review - Double Chin Fat Reduction

Procedure can be done in about an hour.Much easier than liposuction. Skin tightening is seen with this treatment as well.Easy for staff and patients, zero recovery.Cons:Need enough chin fat to be able to have suction ......

Tags: SculpSure, submental fat, double chin, neck lift , kybella

When It Comes To Cosmetic Procedures, That's Between You And Your Doctor

... have many options for having noticeable, but natural-looking results when it comes to anti-aging, tightening up, and improving small imperfections.BotoxIf you are looking to quickly turn back the hands of time and reap long-term results, facial ......

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How To Decide Between Invasive vs. Non-Invasive Body Contouring

... that harnesses the power of the thermal energy field in order to remove fat and facilitate skin tightening. A small electric instrument inserted under the skin creates a high thermal energy field, allowing for both coagulation of fat and skin ......

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Ultherapy Review & Cost: Neck Lift Treatment & Procedure

Can be used in conjunction with volumizing agents and other tightening proceduresMost Common Use Cases:Patients who don't yet need a facelift are best for this treatment.For non-obese Patients under 65 ......

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Celebrity, Culture and Cosmetic Treatments

Kim is wearing, it is no wonder that the visible tightening of Khloe's dewy fade had the internet instantly abuzz with speculations of plastic surgery.While her new look may have been achieved ......

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Treatment of laxity in the belly using Endymed's Large non-ablative handpiece. Photos courtesy of Dr. Sharon Kshettry, USA.

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Treatment with Exilis for Skin Tightening by Dr. Robert Weiss

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Exilis Skin Tightening Treatment of the Lower Face by Dr. Margaret Weiss

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Tags: Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction, LightPod Neo, 650-microsecond Technology, Aerolase

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Upper Eyelid Laser Blepharoplasty, Derma K Full Beam Laser Resurfacing, Fraxel Repair Laser, Long-Pulse Nd:YAG skin tightening, Sculptra, Restylane, Botox.

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Liposuction can be performed to improve body shape and contour and is not a procedure for weight loss.  Utilizing small cannulas and VASER skin tightening, Dr. James Newman can improve patient contour through this minimally invasive approach.  Patients typically recover over a weekend and the results are long lasting as in this case which is over one year from the initial procedure.

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This patient came to see Dr. Olson for a tummy tuck. She had abdominal skin and fat, in addition to stretch marks from pregnancy.Dr. Olson performed a tummy tuck and tightening of her rectus musculature. He also performed liposuction of her flanks to help smooth her contours and remove excess fatty tissue on her hips.

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Female patient treated with undereye filler and radiofrequency skin tightening treatment.

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