The Secrets Behind <b>Celebrity</b> Red Carpet Looks

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<b>Celebrity</b>, Culture and Cosmetic Treatments

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For Millennials, There is No Stigma Surrounding Cosmetic Procedures

... millennial attitudes and practices regarding cosmetic procedures highlights just how effective the celebrity culture is in influencing their decisions. When asked to rank various sources of influence in trying a cosmetic procedure, the results were ...

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What Makes Millennials Consider Cosmetic Procedures Differently

The celebrity culture has reached deity-like status, and with all that adoration and fawning comes a deep desire to emulate the young stars of our day. Image perfection has become an obsession, with even teens seeking to achieve the Kylie Jenner lip ...

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The Impact of Selfies On Self Esteem

Snap a selfie. Just buy a new car. You know what to do. See a celebrity in public? If you didn't get a selfie, did it even happen? Because we are saturated in the phenomenon of constantly taking pictures of ourselves, we have conditioned ...

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How The Rich Keep Their Ageless Beauty

By Eileen Spatz Have you ever found yourself gazing at someone, usually a celebrity, wondering how the heck they manage to never look a day older? We sit in awe, jaws agape in wonder, analyzing their skin, hair, and bodies pondering what all that aesthetic maintenance must add up to each year. I mean, come on, after a certain age it is a tough...

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Plastic Surgery Information - What to Know Before Getting Surgery

Keep in mind that getting surgery won?t turn you into your favorite celebrity, but it can definitely help put a spring in your step and help you be the best version of ...

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We Want to Know: Mel B

America’s Got Talent. These days, Mel B has returned to England and is judging a show called Celebrity Juice. “I think she's looking really good,” says Dr. Ashley Gordon, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. ...

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Eyebrow Transplants and Other Crazy Beauty Trends

Celebrity Meagan Good Gets an Eyebrow TransplantA Flash-In-The-Pan or Here To Stay?As with so many other beauty trends, one must wonder if undergoing a surgical procedure in the name of a passing beauty fad is practical. Take the “devil ...

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Cosmetic Treatments And The Instagram 10-Year Challenge

Many of the celebrity versions of the #10yearchallenge literally cause you to stare, eyes darting left and right, trying to figure out which of the photos is which. It seems that the rich and famous have a special time-reversal gene that none of us ...

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