What Makes <b>Millennials</b> Consider Cosmetic Procedures Differently

Instagram or reality TV are fueling this unhealthy pursuit of perpetual beauty.Procedures Sought by MillennialsWith cosmetic procedures being promoted now as preventative treatment, young people are increasingly seeking Botox and fillers.  In ...

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<b>Millennials</b> Take Control of Their Aging

"I've seen a huge upswing in millennials coming to the office to take control of their aging process," says Dr. Adam Wulkan, a board-certified dermatologist. He says they're pursuing what's called "prejuvenation." Prejuvenation is a recently coined term in the aesthetic world that means doing small procedures or...

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<b>Millennials</b> And The Secret To Anti-Aging

STOP the aging process BEFORE it starts? Well, it's happening andit is called prejuvenation.Millennials Take the Lead in PrejuvenationIt's not just the older crowd that's interested in prejuvenation. Look around? it's the 20 and ...

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For <b>Millennials</b>, There is No Stigma Surrounding Cosmetic Procedures

While social media and celebrities do factor in, the millennials are to be able to tell fact from fiction."Seems as though this next generation has figured out that things aren?t always what they seem on social media, especially with celebrity ...

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Prejuvenation and <b>Millennials</b>: Dr. Robert Weiss Discusses

Dr. Robert Weiss discusses the growing prejuvenation trend among millennials and why it's something everyone that wants to stay forever young should be paying attention to.

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<b>Millennials</b> and The Prejuvenation Trend With Dr. Mathew Avram

At the recent 2018 American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery show in Dallas, our affiliate ZALEA News sat down with Dr. Mathew Avram to discuss the growing trend of Millennials and prejuvenation treatments.

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The Growing Trend of <b>Millennials</b> and Prejuvenation Treatments

Dr. Naz Saedi recently sat with the ZALEA team to discuss the growing Trend of millennials and prejuvenation treatments that are intended to slow down the signs of aging, including fillers for wrinkles and various options to keep skin youthful and vital. 

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Cosmetic Procedures in Younger Generations

The increasing presence of high cheeks, full pouts, and smooth foreheads makes teenagers and millennials feel pressured to maintain a certain look that is not even natural.A recent survey from the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) ...

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Finally, A Laser that Tackles Age and Acne

Unfortunately for many 20- and 30-somethings, that isn't always the case. Although millennials are becoming increasingly interested in anti-aging measures, the truth of the matter is many are still battling acne as well. For young people who are ...

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Age Discrimination Fueling Cosmetic Procedures

With spunky millennials nipping at their heels, it is a disconcerting feeling to realize you may be sent out to pasture well before your desired expiration date.The Dating GameAnd while we are discussing ageism, let’s not forget about the ...

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How Cosmetic Providers Are Using Social Media To Market To You

Especially among millennials and the up-and-comer Gen Z cohort, platforms like Instagram or SnapChat are accessed dozens, if not hundreds, of times a day. Fashion magazines have fallen out of fashion; a staid, static assemblage of images that young ...

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Tattoos…Till Death Do We Part—Or Not

Millennials jump-started the tattoo trend in a big way, almost as a rite of passage, about a decade ago. Young people might have enthusiastically jumped into a tattoo artist’s chair with a cool design in hand, or may have stumbled into a ...

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Millenials And The Rise Of The Prejuvenation Trend

We're seeing an uptick in the popularity of injections like Botox, Xeomin and Dysport in millennials. Social media makes young patients increasingly aware of their lines and wrinkles, and thanks to celebrities and the internet, they know that ...

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What is Prejuvenation? | Preventative Botox & Injectables

We're seeing an uptick in the popularity of injections like Botox, Xeomin and Dysport in millennials. Social media makes young patients increasingly aware of their lines and wrinkles, and thanks to celebrities and the internet, they know that ...

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How To Pay For The Cost Of A Cosmetic Procedure

FICO scores. In many cases, Millennials are not able to obtain the zero interest or any credit for that matter. ZALEA is addressing this issue with its series of direct to consumer loan products that can help those who may otherwise feel they cannot ...

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Prejuvenation.com is Here!

We’ll also be expanding our social media footprint to engage millennials.Prejuvenation.com Features ZALEA News and FinanceAdditionally, ZALEA News is merging with Prejuvenation.com-  to dramatically expand our media platform focusing ...

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Tattoo Regret Doesn't Have To Be Painful

GenXers, and a whopping 38% being millennials. Have Tattoos Lost Their Edge?Anthropologists believe these "self-inflicted" tattoos reflect the social milieu and provide a way to elicit a response from others (i.e. get attention), ...

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Putting the “Pre” in Rejuvenation:  Welcome to the Prejuvenation Trend

By Chelsea CampbellMillennials are no strangers when it comes to forging new paths and setting trends, and the world of beauty is no exception. Dermatologists are seeing an increasing number of young adults, many who have nary a fine line, who are seeking facial injections like Botox and Kybella in the hopes of staving off signs of aging. Maybe it&...

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A New Neurotoxin: What You Need To Know About Jeuveau

Meet Jeuveau™, a  recent FDA-approved injectable treatment, that temporarily improves the look of frown lines in adults. Dr. Brian Biesman an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon who is board certified in Ophthalmology, tells us the maker of Jeuveau are taking a very innovative approach to marketing with millennials in mind.

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