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Welcome to Prejuvenation.com!Why wait until you get old when you can stop or delay the aging process now? “Prejuvenation” is the latest catchphrase that has taken the aesthetic community by storm. It’s the fastest-growing field in dermatology and plastic surgery, combining preventive measures with rejuvenation. Prejuvenation ...

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A <b>Prejuvenation</b> Guide To Preventing Wrinkles and Slowing Aging

... thinking about this question for years and in fact were the first to introduce and coin the term prejuvenation, a buzz word that has since taken off on a journey of its own. Just Google-search the word and you?ll see what we mean!What Exactly is ...

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What is <b>Prejuvenation</b>? | Preventative Botox & Injectables

... signs of age, they are leading the way in the world of beauty with what is being called "prejuvenation." This portmandeu, a combination of the words prevention and rejuvenation, aims to encapsulate both the preventative and restorative ...

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Millenials And The Rise Of The <b>Prejuvenation</b> Trend

... signs of age, they are leading the way in the world of beauty with what is being called "prejuvenation." This portmandeu, a combination of the words prevention and rejuvenation, aims to encapsulate both the preventative and restorative ...

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How Neurotoxins Are Being Used For <b>Prejuvenation</b> Treatments

By Carolynn GrimesPrejuvenation is the newest phrase in the aesthetic industry. It means stopping or slowing down the aging process before it happens. But is it just the latest marketing term that will come and go, or is it a new perspective on anti-aging?Neurotoxins are perhaps one of the top vehicles for prejuvenation. Neurotoxins have been aroun...

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Putting the “Pre” in Rejuvenation:  Welcome to the <b>Prejuvenation</b> Trend

A millennial's answer to the inevitable march of time? One word: Prejuvenation.What is Prejuvenation?Or rather, a combination of the words prevention and rejuvenation. Prejuvenation aims to encapsulate both the preventative and restorative ...

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<b>Prejuvenation</b> and Millennials: Dr. Robert Weiss Discusses

Dr. Robert Weiss discusses the growing prejuvenation trend among millennials and why it's something everyone that wants to stay forever young should be paying attention to.

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What Does <b>Prejuvenation</b> Actually Mean

Two different generations, two different takes on the growing trend known as "prejuvenation" treatments as a roaming reporter hits the street in Orange County, California.

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Millennials and The <b>Prejuvenation</b> Trend With Dr. Mathew Avram

At the recent 2018 American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery show in Dallas, our affiliate ZALEA News sat down with Dr. Mathew Avram to discuss the growing trend of Millennials and prejuvenation treatments.

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The Growing Trend of Millennials and <b>Prejuvenation</b> Treatments

Dr. Naz Saedi recently sat with the ZALEA team to discuss the growing Trend of millennials and prejuvenation treatments that are intended to slow down the signs of aging, including fillers for wrinkles and various options to keep skin youthful and vital. 

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Prevent Aging Before It Starts With New <b>Prejuvenation</b> Trend

Center, San Diego, CA; Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of California, San DiegoPrejuvenation is a new trend in anti-aging but not necessarily a new concept. We have been working on ways to improve tissue health and reduce tissue ...

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What’s Aging You?

Dr. Dover makes a compelling case for prejuvenation. Coined by his colleague at SkinCare Physicians, Dr. Ken Arndt, prejuvenation is the practice of preventing signs of aging before it has the chance to wreak havoc on your skin. That means ...

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Millennials And The Secret To Anti-Aging

STOP the aging process BEFORE it starts? Well, it's happening andit is called prejuvenation.Millennials Take the Lead in PrejuvenationIt's not just the older crowd that's interested in prejuvenation. Look around? it's the 20 and ...

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Millennials Take Control of Their Aging

Adam Wulkan, a board-certified dermatologist. He says they're pursuing what's called "prejuvenation." Prejuvenation is a recently coined term in the aesthetic world that means doing small procedures or treatments along the way ...

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Why Sunscreen is Important for Skin of Color

The Link Between Sunscreen and PrejuvenationSunscreen is a good prejuvenation tool for all skin types. “When I tell patients about either the tiny little moles or fine lines and wrinkles, that's a game-changer to get them to understand ...

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Collagen: The Building Blocks of Better Skin

CampbellIf you are looking to preserve the youth of your skin, look no further than the top dog in prejuvenation: collagen. What exactly is collagen, and how can it help you look younger, longer? We talked to Chicago dermatologist Dr. Carolyn Jacob ...

Stop Signs Of Aging BEFORE They Start

That's the premise behind the newest catchword in the aesthetic industry- Prejuvenation. Our news team sat down with two of the leading dermatologists to get their thoughts on the newest trend.Dr. Paul Friedman is a board-certified dermatologist ...

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The Power of Retinoids

... magic youth potion out of his hands and take off running faster than he can say the word "prejuvenation"? We thought so. Dermatologist Dr. Emil Tanghetti from Sacramento, California emphatically tells us, "It's pretty clear ...

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How the Atmoshere is Aging Our Skin

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PRP for Hair Loss: Myth or Truth?

In part II of our series on male and female pattern hair loss, Prejuvenation concludes our discussion with hair restoration specialist, Dr. Marc Avram. “PRP  has been the most significant new treatment option for hair loss of men and women for the last three to four years in the United States. It started a decade ago in orthope...

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Have You Registered for Masters of Aesthetics?

Over 200 national and international attendees are expected to attend, including Prejuvenation.com's news team. Stay tuned as we'll be bringing you the latest news and information from the Masters of Aesthetics Symposium.Register today at ...

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Is Your Hair Thinning?

About 80 million men and women in the United States have this type of hair loss. Prejuvenation.com recently sat down with board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Steven Greene to discuss the different options available for men and women. First ...

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My Mother's Neck!

Dr. Gilly Munavalli from North Carolina specializes in all aspects of dermatology. However, Prejuvenation.com wanted to learn more about one newer area of dermatology in particular: Microneedling with Radio Frequency. Does it work and can it do ...

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3 Simple Habits to Look Your Best

“The most important thing someone can do cosmetically and for prejuvenation has nothing to do with lasers and light sources,” says Dr. Matt Avram, a board-certified dermatologist in Boston, Massachusetts. As a world-renowned expert in laser and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Avram gives a quick list of the top three things you can do now to ...

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The Beauty of Balance

Knowing which prejuvenation measures to use is a delicate balance, and it takes a skilled professional to guide us in the right direction. Dr. Doris Day, a renowned dermatologist in New York City, fills us in about how Botox and fillers can actually ...

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Say Goodbye to Brown Spots!

And it turns out, the winter months are the perfect time to look into one of these laser treatments.Prejuvenation recently sat down with Dr. Mara Weinstein, a board-certified dermatologist in Rochester, to find out which laser she’s most ...

Treating Lip Lines at Every Stage of Life

Over time, the lines improve instead of getting deeper and more noticeable. Prejuvenation for Millennial LipsFor the millennial patient, who sees a family member that has etched lines in the upper lip and wants to avoid lip lines for as long as ...

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A New Technique to Combat Facial Aging

... a healthy diet, and medical-grade skincare is probably the best approach to anti-aging and prejuvenation. Once that is taken care of, see an expert to find out if you're a candidate for facial fillers to keep the lifted look of your 20's ...

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Dermatologists Explain Correct Way To Shower

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Music City SCALE Symposium Coming Soon!

At Prejuvenation News, we strive to present the most credible, up-to-date aesthetic news and information by interviewing the top physicians all over the world at the premier medical conventions. Music City ScaleComing soon is one of the best meetings in cosmetic dermatology and surgery. Music City SCALE is held every year in Nashville, Tenness...

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Lip Filler: How to Look Natural, Not Ridiculous

Prejuvenation sat down with Dr. Brian Biesman, a board-certified dermatologist from Nashville, and an expert in dermal fillers to discuss lip fillers and how to know when enough is enough.If a Little is Good, More Must Be Better!"I think that the whole goal of creating the lips is to give a full, voluptuous, pleasing appearance, without overdo...

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Are You a Botox Virgin?

There’s a lot to consider and you’d like to get it right the first time.Prejuvenation recently interviewed Dr. Catherine DiGiorgio, a board-certified dermatologist from Austin, Texas about some frequently asked questions from the ...

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We Want to Know: Mel B

Mel B you’re speaking our language! At Prejuvenation we love the small tweaks along the way to give a natural, age-appropriate, timeless look. As for the other tweaks Mel B has most likely done, Dr. Gordon, says there's actually not a ...

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How to Treat Hair Loss

Upper East Side of New York City. Prejuvenation had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Avram to discuss the different hair loss treatment options for men and women while covering the Harvard “What’s the Truth” Meeting in Boston. ...

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Facial Fillers:  An Epidemic of Over Treatment

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Double Chin No More!

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We Want to Know: Gwen Stefani

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What's Real in the World of Cosmetic Surgery?

I think going to sources like Prejuvenation.com, or major academic centers, where they have a focus on these areas, tend to be better and that's where you're going to get the good information,” states Avram. Credible ...

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The Impact of the Coronavirus in Aesthetic Practices

Prejuvenation interviewed some of the busiest aesthetic medical practices across the country on how they’re handling the challenges of the Coronavirus.  Are their offices closed or open? What will be the impact- both long and short term? And what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis to get through this time.  How is the Co...

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Dry Winter Skin: The Causes & How to Prevent It

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