Prevent Aging Before It Starts With New Prejuvenation Trend

Botox, skin care, sun protection and certain kinds of chemical peels and lower key lasers.  We designed a protocol to educate our patients and their children about preventative care for facial aging. We discuss the main phenotypic changes that ...

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How The Environment Effects Your Skin

By Chelsea CampbellBy now, it's likely that we all know that the sun causes skin damage and premature aging and how important it is to wear a daily SPF. However, dryness, irritation, acne, dullness, loss of elasticity, and conditions like eczema and psoriasis can be by-products of our environment as well. The beauty and wellbeing of our skin de...

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A Prejuvenation Guide To Preventing Wrinkles and Slowing Aging

... and most inexpensive anti-aging regimen anyone can use is one that provides protection from the sun. Regular use of sunscreens will not only protect your skin from skin cancer, but will also help prevent fine wrinkles, sun-induced brown spots, and ...

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How the Atmoshere is Aging Our Skin

By By Carolynn Grimes When it comes to facial aging, the sun and the atmosphere is causing our skin to age faster, causing wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. Every time you step outside or drive your car, you're susceptible to accelerating the aging process. It's called atmospheric aging.What is Atmospheric Aging?New research shows...

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Utilize The Rejuvenating Power of Chemical Peels

It's a powerful organ that has amazing abilities to protect and rejuvenate. But between age, sun and the wear and tear of everyday life, our skin naturally loses some of its youthfulness. If you find yourself looking in the mirror and kicking ...

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Why it's smart to see a dermatologist in your 20s

Get serious about sun protectionIt's like your mom always says: never leave the house without wearing sunscreen. A dermatologist will agree that one of the most important practices in your skincare routine is sun protection. It's been ...

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What is Microneedling?: Microneedling Procedure & Benefits

... laser causes damage to the epidermis, extreme care must be taken to prevent prolonged or frequent sun exposure, as this can cause even more discoloration and sun damage, rendering the treatment useless. Thankfully there is a safer and more ...

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How To UV-Proof Your Lips

By Jordan WangWith summer finally in the air and the sun calling your name, don't forget to not only apply sunscreen to your face but also to your lips. If you thought chapped lips were bad, sunburned lips are even worse.Sorting through the huge assortment of products to protect your lips from the sun can be dizzying. But protecting your lips d...

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Millennials Take Control of Their Aging

... who have seen their parents prematurely develop wrinkles or who exposed themselves to too much sun in their youth are seeking to prevent rather than cure. Many doctors specializing in dermo-aesthetics agree with this logic." Popular ...

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Summer Basics for Melasma

Some cosmetics and skincare products have been thought to be culprits as well.Sun exposure plays a significant role in influencing melasma. Ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun stimulate the skin's melanocytes to further increase their production ...

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6 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Dark Spots

Other causes include the amount and type of sun exposure and the physical aging.Of course there are things you can do to prevent dark spots. The number one precaution to start implementing is sun protection. Try and avoid long periods of sun ...

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Why <b>Sun</b>screen is Important for Skin of Color

By Carolynn GrimesBreaking the Myth: Dark Skin and Sunscreen It’s a common myth that needs to be dispelled once and for all- those with darker skin do not need sunscreen. Dr. DiAnne Davis, a board-certified dermatologist in Salt Lake City, Utah was influential in coordinating the first Skin of Color Symposium, helping to promote awa...

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What Exactly Is A Chemical Peel?

... skin complaints such as discoloration and hyperpigmentation, acne scars, blotchiness, melasma, sun damage and signs of aging such as crow’s feet, wrinkles and sagging.Chemical peels are a popular choice not only because they can be performed ...

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How to Prevent Collagen Loss as You Age

I would lavishly apply baby oil to my skin and bask for hours in the sun. Mom was on to something, that’s for sure. While shoe leather might be a bit hyperbolic, the fact is that sun exposure causes photoaging that is cumulative, hiding ...

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Say Goodbye to Brown Spots!

Although most of us are much better about applying sunscreen, we're often left with the accumulating effects of sun damage.The good news is, you can erase a good portion of sun damage with laser treatments in the hands of a board-certified ...

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

We need to encourage men to use good sun "sense" and protect their skin by seeking shade when possible, wear sun-protective clothing and generously apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen of at least SPF 30 when outside. And ...

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Dry Winter Skin: The Causes & How to Prevent It

Sunscreen Is ForeverDid you think that as the days are getting shorter and you can barely see the sun through the winter clouds, sunscreen is no longer necessary? Think again. According to dermatologists, protecting your skin against UV rays should ...

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What is the Cost of Wrinkle Reduction Treatments?

TreatmentsWrinkles are creases and lines in the skin that occur as natural signs of aging. While sun exposure and lifestyle have a great impact on the occurrence of wrinkles, the loss of collagen and elastin, the fibrous proteins that give the skin ...

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Forget Matte, Radiant And Glowy Are The New Obsession

Matte skin has had its day in the sun, but the current trend in beauty is glowy and radiant, which is the hallmark of youth and vitality. The key to having a fresh, clear complexion is a combination of healthy eating habits, adequate sleep, and of ...

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Five Starter Procedures & Treatments For Younger Looking Skin

If it's time to freshen up ? here?s a list of great starter procedures.1. Fight that sun!: IPL PhotofacialThe young bride?s natural glow isn't photoshopped. You went to go congratulate the couple and her skin looks as beautiful up-close as ...

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3 Simple Habits to Look Your Best

One smoked and the other didn't. It's easy to tell which one smoked!#2 - Stay out of the sun.  And if you're in the sun, wear hats and sunscreen. Too much exposure to UVA and UVB rays damage the skin cells and causes our skin ...

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GentleLase Review: GentleLase Hair Removal

The best candidates for laser hair removal does not have a tan. Strict sun avoidance prior to the procedure.Most Common Use Cases :Laser assisted hair removal in most skin typesPhysician Testimonials"I find this hair removal laser to be the ...

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Fractora Review: Acne & Skin Tightening Treatment

Pre-treatment sun tan is without risk.Minimal post procedure protocol.The improvement is gradual as new collagen is formed.Most Common Use Cases :Fractional skin rejuvenation.Improvement of skin tone and texture. Fine lines and wrinkles. Acne ...

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How Smoking's Ruining Your Skin

This is partially due to the fact that the effects of UV sunlight are magnified by cigarette smoke, and frighteningly, this includes second-hand smoke too. If you smoke, not only are you harming your own skin, but you are also putting others at risk ...

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Excel V Laser Review: Rosacea & Spider Veins Treatment

Excellent for isolated broken vessels on the face, particularly on the nose.  Also works for sun induced lentigines (brown spots) and skin toning, as well as certain leg veins in conjunction with sclerotherapy.Works well, easy to use, ...

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The Neck of Time: The Best Neck Rejuvenating Treatments

... wrinkles on their necks, betraying all of the diligence put into slathering one's visage with sunscreen and pricey anti-aging creams. We talked to San Diego dermatologist Dr. Arisa Ortiz to get her advice on how to get our necks looking less ...

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Collagen: The Building Blocks of Better Skin

Most people understand that they should be wearing sunscreen when they're out and about. However, there's a lot of things that you can start to do for the health of your skin at a very young age. For instance, most patients don't know ...

The Power of Retinoids

... that increases collagen production and elastic tissue, softens fine lines, improves acne, reverses sun damage, and makes you look years younger, would you take it? Or would you snatch that magic youth potion out of his hands and take off running ...

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My Mother's Neck!

Munavalli says as we age, our necks lose volume due to sun damage and that can lead to looseness and a crepey appearance. "Microneedling can treat the neck without damaging the surface. If you want to get some tightening of the loose skin, ...

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Age Discrimination Fueling Cosmetic Procedures

Lasers for skin resurfacing and reducing age spots and other sun damageChemical peels for a deeper skin resurfacingMicrodermabrasion for renewing overall skin tone and textureSculpSure for toning up the double chinThanks to improvements in ...

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Millennials And The Secret To Anti-Aging

If they have had some sun exposure that they know is bad, theycome in to get a laser treatment for reversing some of that damage before they see it reallyexacerbate when they're in their 50's or 60's, says Dr. Weiss.Combining Treatments ...

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The Season For Losing Unwanted Body Hair -Laser Hair Removal

Due to the lack of sunlight exposure during wintertime, this season is the safer for procedures that make the skin sensitive to the sun.Laser Hair RemovalLaser hair removal is the most effective and popular method. Treatment can be performed ...

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The Face of Time

As our first defense against the sun, cold, wind, rain, and all life's bumps and bruises, it is no wonder that we recognize many of the signs of aging? first in the skin.  The use of cosmetic powders dating back to 2000 BC in ancient Egypt ...

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Bring Back That Beach Body

... have subsided, and you have been given the green light from your doctor to spend time in the sun or submerged in water. Step out in confidence this summer and get ready to turn ...

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Are Fractionated Devices All They Are Cracked Up To Be?

Me?When patients present with advanced wrinkling and skin laxity associated with aging and chronic sun damage, we now understand that they are best treated with the more traditional devices as above, or at least in combination with these devices and ...

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Get Gorgeous Quick With Minimally Invasive Pre-Holiday Tweaks

... three sessions for optimal results, just getting the first one before the holidays will perk up sun-damaged skin on the face, hands, and décolleté. Recovery is about one week, allowing plenty of time for sporting a radiant glow at ...

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Anti Aging - Hot Tips On Looking Younger and Natural

The aging process and spending too much time in the sun or just living an active lifestyle eventually shows itself through uneven pigmentation. Whether you have freckles, age spots, or redness, there's a treatment available that can reverse ...

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PicoSure Treatment Review: Tattoo Removal & Skin Rejuvenation

Used for patients who need minimal downtime and have tough pigmentation problems from sun damage or melasma. It can also be used for stubborn tattoos." - Robert A. Weiss M.D.Additional Information (provided by Cynosure)Procedure ...

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Treating Scars: Why A Combination Approach Works

Kelly.  Following any type of laser treatment, you should be diligent about sun protection to improve the healing and reduce scarring and discoloration. ...

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Clear & Brilliant Review: Skin & Acne Laser Treatment

Cons:Too light for significantly sun damaged skin.The rejuvenation benefits outside of pigmentary issues are short lived and maintenance treatments should be performed on a regular basis.Less effective for acne scarring than the Fraxel re-Pair or ...

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Thermage Review: Skin Tightening & Wrinkle Treatment

Works better in patients without extensive sun damage.Can be used conjunction with volumizing agents like Sculptra.You must not have any implantable electrical devices to include pacemakers, defibrillators etc.Common Use Cases :Works best on ...

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Skincare Secrets You Can Use Right Now

This one might come as a no-brainer, since the importance of sunscreen has been drilled into our heads for years now. Time really does reveal all, and studies have proven over and over how crucial sun protection is to anti-aging. An exciting new ...

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Chemical Peels vs Lasers For Skin Treatments

Dr. Rullan: I have what I call the 4 P's:The first P is protection from heat, sun, and irritants. The second P is products. (sunscreen)The third P is peels. Laser peels help but the salicylic and the glycolic peel can be done every ...

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A Helpful Guide to Scan for Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Sun protection such as wearing sunscreen, high-coverage headwear and clothing are great ways to protect your skin from harmful exposure, but being familiar with how to self-examine for skin cancer can be just as helpful in preventing cancer.The ...

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Is Cold The Future Of Targeting Pigmented Skin?

Other causes include birth control pills and sun exposure.Manstein says high-intensity lasers can aggravate the condition by triggering irritation or inflammation, which can induce more pigmentation. Cold temperature treatments could be a new ...

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Top 3 Places Women First Show Signs Of Aging

It’s no wonder, all these areas have thinner skin and are subject to sun exposure on a regular basis. But Dr. Raminder Saluja, a specialist in aesthetic dermatology tells us, there a treatment for that.The Eyes: Often called the windows ...

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A Sure Way to Better Skin: PicoSure

... the effects of poor choices that you may have made against your own skin, such as summers spent sunbathing without a lick of sunscreen or an ill-thought tattoo emblazoned on your ankle during a night of impulsive fun. Etching your skin may have ...

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Sun Damaged Hands Treatment by Dr. Jill Waibel

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Many patients present with a combination of issues including sun damage with brown spots (lentignenes) and red blood vessels (telangiectases). There are many devices that can help remove these including chemical peels, intense pulse light, fractionated devices and more traditional CO2 and Erbium lasers.

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Treatment of Sun Damage with LimeLight

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Treatment of Sun Damage with LimeLight

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Treatment for sun spots with Lumecca by Dr. Andrew Nelson.  Photo is provided courtesy of InMode

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