What do Lip and Facial Fillers Cost?

Fillers can be injected into areas like the cheeks to increase fullness and contour, lips to create plumpness, or to fill in deep wrinkles, especially marionette lines around the mouth. They can also be used to correct depressed scars or asymmetry ...

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Five Starter Procedures & Treatments For Younger Looking Skin

... watch them make their rounds greeting each guest, they maintain those genuine smiles  ? their cheeks are so full and youthful. Maybe your baby fat has long been lost, so the next spot on the list goes to Voluma XC, the Juvederm filler used for ...

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A Prejuvenation Guide To Preventing Wrinkles and Slowing Aging

... pads in our face, which overall result in the formation of wrinkles, sagging, and hollows on the cheeks. We can replace this loss using fillers primarily consisting of hyaluronic acid which are composed of naturally occurring sugar molecules. Using ...

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Dermal Fillers: How Much Do They Cost?

Fillers can be injected into areas like the cheeks to increase fullness and contour, lips to create plumpness, or to fill in deep wrinkles, especially marionette lines around the mouth. They can also be used to correct depressed scars or asymmetry ...

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We Want to Know: Gwen Stefani

Next, Pozner states that her cheeks are definitely more prominent and that's she probably had some filler placed at her cheekbones. Loss of volume in the mid-face is a common problem as we age. Not only do we lose fat in our faces, but we also ...

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Are We Going Too Far with Fillers?

When done right, fillers can add volume to sunken cheeks, make lips fuller, and plump up prominent wrinkles. However, going overboard can often have the opposite effect, making you look lumpy, older, and just plain strange. The Farce of ...

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When Should You Start With Facial Fillers?

Many refer to this as a liquid facelift. A liquid facelift can restore the volume to your cheeks, lift the corners of your mouth and jowls, and soften the look of the nasolabial folds. The nasolabial folds are the lines that run from each edge ...

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Tips For Treating Rosacea

Whether it’s around the nose or cheeks, those are ideal patients we treat with vascular lasers.” Goldberg’s expertise in laser surgery has earned him the distinction of being one of the most recognized laser surgeons in the ...

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Of Psyche and Skin: Beneath the Beauty Bias

You may yet discover the vivid flush of rosacea expanding across your cheeks and nose that no amount of makeup will cover.Regardless of which of these equally anxiety-producing alternatives you encounter, you realize that if you cannot subdue or ...

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Cosmetic Procedures in Younger Generations

Kylie Jenner began getting lip fillers at the age of 17. The increasing presence of high cheeks, full pouts, and smooth foreheads makes teenagers and millennials feel pressured to maintain a certain look that is not even natural.A recent survey from ...

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Facial Fillers:  An Epidemic of Over Treatment

Maybe you've noticed their lips are overdone and out of proportion, or perhaps their cheeks are far too elevated. How does this happen?  Dr. Nowell Solish, a board-certified dermatologist says, "You see it all over social media, ...

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When It Comes To Cosmetic Procedures, That's Between You And Your Doctor

Using the same FDA approved facial filler that is approved for lips and cheeks, doctors are able to place the filler in areas of the nose to give the appearance of a straighter nose, smoother bridge, a perkier nose tip, and even a slimmer nose, all ...

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What's The Deal With Adult Acne?

... in its location, occurring more often on the lower face and jaw area rather than on forehead and cheeks. Aim to avoid touching your face as well so that dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands are not transmitted to the pores on your ...

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Skincare Secrets You Can Use Right Now

... anti-redness products to only on areas that are prone to rosacea, like the chin, nose, and cheeks, retinoids on the forehead, thicker creams around the eyes and lips, and anti-acne acids like salicylic or glycolic only on the T-zone to prevent ...

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Is Cold The Future Of Targeting Pigmented Skin?

... one of the most challenging skin conditions to treat and typically shows up as dark patches on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin, and upper lip. It's often referred to as "the mask of pregnancy". But it's not just pregnancy ...

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Treatment of Acne Scaring on the Cheeks

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Profound Smooth Treatment: Volumize cheeks, Volumize marionette lines, Nasalabial folds, 2 months post 1 treatment. Photos courtesy of Stephen W. Eubanks, MD, FL, USA

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This 59-year-old woman was very concerned with her sagging cheeks and droopy corners of the mouth. Treatment with fillers (Radiesse & Juvederm) restored the volume on her cheeks naturally, and created a lifting of the corners of the mouth. Pictures show results immediately after the session of fillers.

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59 year old female patient shown before and 5 months after Precision TX treatment of the neck and lower cheeks followed by liposuction of the neck and jowls. 3200 Joules of laser energy were delivered to each side of the neck; 1000 Joules of laser energy were delivered to each lower cheek area (10,545 Joules total). 55cc of supernatant fat was removed from the neck by machine liposuction. 5 cc of supernatant fat was removed from each jowl by syringe liposuction.

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Fat Grafting has been utilized by Dr. James Newman to augment areas of soft tissue loss.  The face has been the most common site for fat grafting to enhance cheeks, grooves and lips.  Beginning in 2005, the breast and buttocks area has responded extremely well to fat grafting and maintains long lasting results.  In this case, a deficiency in the upper pole and inframammary fullness was corrected with autologous fat harvesting from the patients abdomen and thighs.

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This young man has high color in his cheeks that he found embarrassing.  He noted a nice response to the Alexandrite laser, though could have responded well to the pulsed dye laser, intense pulse light, or KTP laser.