The Impact of Selfies On Self Esteem

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder And Possible Treatments

Tags: Self-Esteem, Extreme Plastic Surgery, body dysmorphic disorder, self-image

A Helpful Guide to Scan for Early Signs of Skin Cancer

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The Relationship Between Cosmetic Procedures And Improved Career Prospects

Tags: Millennial Generation, Plastic Surgery, Liposuction, Body Contouring, liquid facelifts

Plastic Surgery Information - What to Know Before Getting Surgery

Tags: plastic surgery, Plastic Surgery Safety, fake news, procedure cost

For Millennials, There is No Stigma Surrounding Cosmetic Procedures

Tags: Millennial Generation, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgery, Selfies, self-image

The Dilemma Facing Teens Considering Plastic Surgery

Tags: Breast Implants, Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, plastic surgery, Teen Plastic Surgery

Treating Acne with Laser Technology

DepressionAnxietyLow self-esteemPoor self-imageDecreased quality of lifeA feeling of being all aloneSo for patients who are looking for an alternative treatment, the NeoClear may be a good acne treatment option that can be used alone or in addition ...

Tags: Dermatology, Acne, Non Invasive , Laser, teenage acne, Adult Acne, NeoClear, Aerolase, Prejuvenation

6 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Dark Spots

Tags: Vbeam, Sun Protection, Brown Pigmentation, excel V, PIH, Skincare

Female Rejuvenation: Why Labiaplasties are Occurring More Often

Tags: Mommy Makeover, women's health, labiaplasty, female rejuvenation, ThermiVa

Cosmetic Treatments And The Instagram 10-Year Challenge

Tags: Social Media, Self-Esteem, Instagram

Tattoo Regret Doesn't Have To Be Painful

Tags: Picosure, Picoway, laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, picosecond laser, Millennials

What Makes Millennials Consider Cosmetic Procedures Differently

Tags: Millennial Generation, Lip Injections, Celebrity, cosmetic surgery, Board Certified, Millennials, Not Botox

Get Gorgeous Quick With Minimally Invasive Pre-Holiday Tweaks

Tags: Holidays, Restylane, Neurotoxins, facial fillers, Lasers, Chemical Peel, Botox , Dermal Fillers , fractional resurfacing, cosmetic treatment, Coronavirus

We Want to Know: Renee Zellweger's Eyes

Tags: Eye Lift, double eyelid surgery, cosmetic surgery, eyelid lifts, Renee Zellweger, Fat Transfer, Prejuvenation

How to Look at Before & After Photos: Are After Photos For Real?

Tags: Photography, Selfies, Fake, Board Certified, counterfeit botox

Cosmetic Procedures in Younger Generations

This may pressure some to feel uncomfortable with their own self-image, especially younger generations who are more vulnerable to peer pressure. Teenagers also witness an increasing amount of young celebrities undergoing aesthetic procedures. We ...

Tags: Breast Implants, laser hair removal, nose reshaping, Laser Treatments, Microdermabrasion, Millennials

Millennials Take Control of Their Aging

Tags: Sunscreen, Dysport, Fraxel, cosmetic surgery, Intense pulsed light, Selfies, Anti-Aging, Non Surgical, Botox , Millennials, Prevention, Prejuvenation

Do You Know The Biggest Acne Risk Factors?

Tags: Acne, Skin Care, Sebaceous glands, hormone imbalance, Adult Acne

When It Comes To Cosmetic Treatments, Men Want In On The Action

Tags: Liposuction, Body Contouring, Gynecomastia, Dermal Fillers , SculpSure

Double Chin - What You Can Do To Treat It

Tags: CoolSculpting , Kybella, SculpSure, submental fat

Bring Back That Beach Body

Tags: Breast Implants, Liposuction, Body Contouring, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover, SculpSure, breast surgery

3 Reasons To Invest In Cosmetic Procedures

Tags: Self-Esteem, Self improvement, Personal Finance, Plastic Surgery, procedure cost

Can Doctor Reviews and Rankings Online Be Trusted?

Tags: Social Media, Instagram, fake news, Yelp

May is Melanoma Awareness Month

Tags: skin care, skin cancer, melanoma, Sun Protection

What's The Deal With Adult Acne?

Tags: Acne, Skin Products, Hormones, Adult Acne

The Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery Procedures In America

Tags: Brazilian Butt Lift, Labiaplasty, hair loss, laser liposuction, breast reduction surgery, Gynecomastia, Vaginal Rejuvenation

How To Pay For The Cost Of A Cosmetic Procedure

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Should You Really Trust Google When It Comes To Picking A Plastic Surgeon?

Tags: Social Media, ASPS , Board Certified, Plastic Surgery Safety, instagram, google, fake news

What's Right For You, Laser Lipolysis or Traditional Liposuction?

Tags: Smartlipo, liposuction, laser liposuction, fat reduction

NeoGen: A New Generation of Anti-aging Technology

Tags: NeoGen PSR, Broken Capillaries, Dry Skin, facial rejuventation, Brown Pigmentation, Sagging Skin, Prejuvenation

CoolSculpting for the Neck: CoolMini Double Chin Treatment

Tags: CoolSculpting , Body Contouring, Neck Lift, submental fat, SculptSure, Cool Mini, Skincare Physicians

Give Yourself a Lift: The NON-SURGICAL Facelift is Here!

Tags: Facelift, Scarlet, Wrinkles, radio frequency skin tightening, Neck Tighetning, Non Surgical, Prejuvenation

Meet Agnes: Your Ally in Treating Problem Areas

Tags: Dermatology, Acne, Laser, eye bags, radio frequency skin tightening, Laser Treatments, non-surgical, double chin, Prejuvenation

Methylene Blue for Anti-Aging

Tags: Antioxidant, Skin Care, Collagen, skin regenerative, wrinkle removal, Anti-Aging, Sagging Skin, Prejuvenation

Eyebrow Transplants and Other Crazy Beauty Trends

Tags: Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Hair Follicle, Eyebrows, cosmetic surgery, Trends

The Impact of the Coronavirus in Aesthetic Practices

Tags: Dermatology, cosmetic surgery, virus, Coronavirus

Is Your Hair Thinning?

Tags: Hair Loss, Hair Follicle, PRP, Hair Restoration, male hair loss

How to Prevent Collagen Loss as You Age

Tags: Sunscreen, Sun, wrinkles, chemical peels, Collagen, microdermabrasion, Lasers, Anti-Aging, Retinol

New Device Receives High Marks for Improving Aging Skin

Tags: Skin Care, Ultrasound, skin regenerative, wrinkle removal, Anti-Aging, Skin Rejuvenation, Fractional, FDA Approvals, Prejuvenation, Sofwave Medical

3 Simple Habits to Look Your Best

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The Lip Flip... What in the World is That?

Tags: Lip Injections, Fillers, Botox , Injectables

The Real You

Tags: Dermatology, Natural Beauty, Medical Research, Face, Prejuvenation

A  New Wave in Body Toning

Tags: Dr Elizabeth Tanzi, Body Shaping, Abdomen Tightening, Prejuvenation, CoolTone

Benefits of Microneedling with RF

Tags: Acne, Melasma, Collagen, skin discoloration, radio frequency skin tightening, Microneedling, Genius, Prejuvenation

Tattoos…Till Death Do We Part—Or Not

Tags: Dermatology, laser tattoo removal, tattoo removal, Picosecond, Prejuvenation

Throwing Money Down the Hole on Facial Products

Tags: Skin Care, Skin Products, chemical peels, Laser, microdermabrasion, Prejuvenation

Treating Lip Lines at Every Stage of Life

Tags: Aging issues, Dysport, Neurotoxins, laser treatment, lip fillers, Botox , Prejuvenation

A New Technique to Combat Facial Aging

Tags: Radiesse, facial fillers, Anti-Aging, volume loss, Prejuvenation

The Anti-Aging Wonder Drug: Metformin

Tags: Aging and Longevity, Metformin, Anti-Aging, Aging, Prejuvenation

Dermal Fillers: How Much Do They Cost?

Tags: facial fillers, Dermal Fillers , lip enhancement

We Want to Know: Megan Fox

Tags: Ashley Gordon, MD, Lip Injections, Rhinoplasty, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, lip fillers, Prejuvenation

Music City SCALE Symposium Coming Soon!

Tags: Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, Medical Devices, Plastic Surgery, Anti-Aging, Prejuvenation

Lip Filler: How to Look Natural, Not Ridiculous

Tags: Dermatology, Lip Injections, Fillers, facial fillers, facial surgery, Botox , Dermal Fillers , Prejuvenation

Are You a Botox Virgin?

Tags: Dermatology, Laser Surgery, wrinkles, Skin Tightening, Fillers, facial fillers, Botox , Board Certified, dermatologist, Prejuvenation

We Want to Know: Mel B

Tags: Skin Tightening, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, facial fillers, Wrinkles, radio frequency skin tightening, Anti-Aging, Botox , Prejuvenation

How to Treat Hair Loss

Tags: Hair Loss, Hair Follicle, Follicular Unit Extraction, Propecia, Hormones, PRP, dermatologist, Platelet Rich Plasma , Prejuvenation

PRP for Hair Loss: Myth or Truth?

Tags: Dermatology, Hair Loss, Hair Follicle, Male Pattern Baldness, Baldness, PRP, Hair Restoration, Prejuvenation

Facial Fillers:  An Epidemic of Over Treatment

Tags: Dermatology, Lip Injections, facial fillers, lip augmentation, lip fillers, Overfilled, Prejuvenation

Double Chin No More!

Tags: Dermatology, Non Invasive , CoolSculpting , Fillers, Non Surgical, Kybella, skin laxity, double chin, Prejuvenation

We Want to Know: Gwen Stefani

Tags: Celebrity, plastic surgery, Fillers, Celebrity Plastic Surgery, facial fillers, cosmetic surgery, Anti-Aging, Botox , Prejuvenation

What's Real in the World of Cosmetic Surgery?

Tags: Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, Social Media, cosmetic surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, fake news

Celebrity, Culture and Cosmetic Treatments

Tags: Lip Injections, Celebrity, Plastic Surgery, cosmetic surgery, Selfie, Fractional Resurfacing, Wrinkle Reduction, instagram

Putting the “Pre” in Rejuvenation:  Welcome to the Prejuvenation Trend

Tags: Dermatology, Non Invasive , Millennials, Prejuvenation

Before PhotoAfter Photo

Tags: Smartlipo, Cynosure, Laser Lipo, Lipo

Before PhotoAfter Photo

Tags: Cellulite, Cellulaze, Cynosure

Before PhotoAfter Photo

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