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The meaning of prejuvenation
Why wait until you get old when you can stop or delay the aging process now? “Prejuvenation” is the latest catchphrase that has taken the aesthetic community by storm. It’s the fastest growing field in dermatology and plastic surgery, combining preventive measures with rejuvenation. Prejuvenation is any treatment or procedure that reverses aging in a relatively quick and non-surgical way.
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How Prejuvenation Began

In Response to Patient Questions
“Prejuvenation” was initially conceptualized and presented by Dr. Kenneth Arndt, a board-certified dermatologist, at the Controversies & Conversations in Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Symposium in 2013. Dr. Arndt states the idea of prejuvenation came to him “as a response to frequent questions from patients about the best or appropriate time to initiate an aesthetic procedure or treatment.”

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