Oct 02, 2019

3 Simple Habits to Look Your Best

“The most important thing someone can do cosmetically and for prejuvenation has nothing to do with lasers and light sources,” says Dr. Matt Avram, a board-certified dermatologist in Boston, Massachusetts. As a world-renowned expert in laser and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Avram gives a quick list of the top three things you can do now to look younger. 

#1 - If you're a smoker quit. Smoking affects the entire body, especially the face. 

As a result, smokers tend to have an uneven skin tone, sagging skin and wrinkles, and early signs of aging around the mouth called "smokers lips". In addition, studies show that people who smoke are more prone to age spots and crow's feet at the eyes. 

Look at the difference between these two twins. One smoked and the other didn't. It's easy to tell which one smoked!

#2 - Stay out of the sun.  And if you're in the sun, wear hats and sunscreen. 

Too much exposure to UVA and UVB rays damage the skin cells and causes our skin to become thickened and wrinkled, or thinned like tissue paper.  As we age, it becomes harder for our skin to repair itself in the natural response of shedding skin cells and replenishing with new skin. The result is extra cells that can become cancerous. 

#3 - Use a topical retinoid such as Retin A. Retinoids help to prevent the changes that happen in the skin over time. 

Retinoid is a vitamin A derivative that has the power to improve collagen deficiency and repair and protect skin cells from UV exposure, leading to younger, healthier-looking skin. See a board-certified dermatologist to get started with a prescription that's formulated for your skin and to learn how to use the topical correctly. 

So there they are... Don’t wait!  Start with these three quick, easy, and inexpensive ways of being healthy and looking your best!