Jan 27, 2020

Are You a Botox Virgin?

So you've finally decided to get a cosmetic procedure done that you've been thinking about for a while. Maybe it’s Botox to relax your forehead wrinkles. Or, maybe you’ve been wanting to try a little bit of filler in your lips. The first thing that you need to do is make an appointment. But where? The spa down the street? There’s a lot to consider and you’d like to get it right the first time.

Prejuvenation recently interviewed Dr. Catherine DiGiorgio, a board-certified dermatologist from Austin, Texas about some frequently asked questions from the typical "Botox virgin". Dr. DiGiorgio explains everything new patients need to know before they book that first appointment and what they can expect during their first consultation

Who Should You Go To?

Dr. DiGiorgio says, first things first. “Make an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist. This is very important because dermatologists are experts in the skin. We know the structure of the skin and we know how it responds to different treatments.” 

What Should You Expect?

“You should expect to sit with your doctor with a mirror in hand and together look at what bothers you, and you should point out to your doctor the things that bother you. Going from there, your doctor will decide the treatments that will best address those issues in an aesthetically pleasing way. Most dermatologists will do a step-by-step approach where we decide what bothers you the most and address those needs one by one.”

Be Careful Where You Get Advice

“Social media, fashion magazines, and the internet are great ways to learn a little bit about procedures. But when you're really going to sit in the doctor's office and sit in a chair and have something done to your skin, it's important to see a doctor and talk about it.” 

Friends, relatives, and co-workers often have great advice, but hold on. DiGiorgio explains that just because a certain procedure looked good on your friend or your sister, doesn’t mean it’s the right treatment for you. Everyone's skin ages differently and on a different timeline.

How Your Skin Ages

  • Your skin ages through both the texture of your skin and wrinkles and fine lines

  • The brown and red discoloration in your skin. 

  • And volume loss or the loss of fat deep in your skin.

Finally, DiGiorgio says you should talk about the expectations for your procedure with your doctor. “What problems is the procedure going to address. Is it going to make your skin appear the way that you want it to appear and are there goals for your treatment?”