Jun 23, 2019

Build Muscle and Lose Fat With EMSculpt

Build Muscle and Lose Fat With EMSculpt - Prejuvenation Article Banner

By Eileen Spatz 

Raise your hand if you dread going to the gym. Raise both hands if you make yourself go to the gym and then feel gypped when you don't see the results you are certain you deserve after all that hard work. If one or both hands are raised, well, you are in good company.

Nevertheless, we all know by now how important regular physical activity combined with a nutritious diet is to optimum health and well-being. Unless you reside on Mars you are well aware that regular exercise contributes to a general increase in strength and stamina and a host of other health benefits. That said, how many of us fail to keep up these healthy habits over the long haul?

Thankfully, noninvasive body contouring procedures have come to the rescue in recent years, providing new technologies designed to assist us in the quest to expediently improve our shapes. The newest entry into the booming non-surgical fat-reduction segment of the beauty industry is called EMSculpt; the "EM" stands for the electromagnetic energy that powers it.

EMSculpt takes body contouring into a new, intriguing direction by stimulating thousands of muscle contractions that lead to increased muscle strength. The subsequent loss of fat, a byproduct of the muscle stimulation response, offers the one-two punch so coveted by those seeking to tweak problem areas fat loss and definition. How Does EMSculpt Work? Like a miniature MRI machine, the EMSculpt equipment uses high frequency focused electromagnetic fields that are delivered to a device placed over either the abdomen or buttocks (currently the FDA has cleared EMSculpt only for these two regions). The electromagnetic energy is capable of inducing about 20,000 deep muscle contractions in a 30-minute session, equivalent to doing 20,000 crunches.  

The doctor begins the treatment session at 50% power and increases the intensity incrementally. The muscle contractions will alternate with pulses, or a tapping sensation, throughout the session, allowing the lactic acid released by the muscles to be broken down. The patient will experience a strange-feeling, deep vibration within the core as the muscles repeatedly contract. Patients will also notice their feet slightly rise with each contraction. 

There is no downtime necessary following the sessions, of which four are recommended spaced over a multi-week period, and the only after effect is the sensation of having had an intense workout. Results are often reported soon after the final EMSculpt session, with the full effects seen in a few weeks. Patients notice more tone and muscle definition in the abdominal region, and a lifting effect in the buttocks.

Combining EMSculpt CoolSculpting or SculpSure may be an excellent option for achieving a more pronounced result than either of these would produce alone. Keeping it Real Come now, you wonder, what's the downside?

There are a few things to consider when contemplating EMSculpt for your body contouring needs. This is not a magic bullet cure for chubby tummies among those who are exercise-averse. These considerations include:

EMSculpt is pricey, with each 30-minute session costing approximately $1,000. EMSculpt is not recommended for someone with a lot of abdominal fat, as the results will not be as effective as other body sculpting methods.

EMSculpt is better suited for the person who works out fairly regularly and has reached a plateau in their workout results and wants to fine-tune EMSculpt can hyper-stress the muscle or cause a hernia if the technology is not delivered correctly.

Obviously, expectations for this exciting new body contouring solution should be kept in check. No, you won't gain an instant six-pack from a series of EMSculpt treatments, but you are likely to be very pleased to notice a trimmer, tauter tummy.

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

Nonsurgical fat reduction is a noninvasive body contouring procedure that can reduce fat without surgery or anesthesia, and it typically comes with less downtime. Popular nonsurgical fat reduction procedures use either controlled cooling (CoolSculpting) or controlled radiofrequency technology.