Aug 06, 2019

If Ya Have to Buy Your 5-Star Reviews, What Does that Say About Your Services?

If Ya Have to Buy Your 5-Star Reviews, What Does that Say About Your Services? - ZALEA Article Banner

Dermatologists now purchasing 5-star reviews in attempt to bolster online presence and grab patients

By Eileen Spatz

Step right up, get yer 5-star reviews here!

Has it really come to this? In an effort to attract potential patients, some dermatology practices are stooping to buoying up their online reputations—and pumping up their bank accounts—through the use of store-bought reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook. This pathetic last gasp to try to inject some life into the bottom line is the latest tactic in a long line of such smarmy marketing strategies.

There has always been, and will always be, individuals out there who are willing to take money in exchange for a sketchy service like concocting fake reviews. In fact, fake reviews were the thing awhile back, until Yelp and Amazon began putting some safeguards in place in an effort to weed them out from the authentic reviews. For example, Amazon now displays “verified purchase” alongside a review, although that, of course, can also be about as sturdy a gate as balsa wood.

It is one thing to have a parade of fake reviewers touting a new book or body lotion, but when it comes to aesthetic services that can alter a person’s appearance fake reviews are downright dangerous. Sadly, people are easily persuaded by glossy reviews, especially when they are determined to get that laser treatment or the latest injectables.

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