Jun 23, 2019

NeoClear by Aerolase Procedure Review

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NeoClear by Aerolase Product Review
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Editorial Review


  • Comfortable procedure with no downtime.
  • Good for anti-aging.
  • Quick and easy treatments are safe, and effective for all skin types.
  • Offers quicker results than prescription medications (topical and oral).
  • High level of patient satisfaction.


  • Requires multiple treatments? Maintenance treatments may be needed.
  • Slightly uncomfortable for male patients in hair-bearing areas.
  • While effective for most patients, it is not 100 percent effective for all patients.

Things You should know:

  • Improvement is gradual and occurs over time with multiple treatments.
  • Best results occur when procedure is combine with other treatments (topical and oral medications) for long-term improvement.

NeoClear works on all skin types and on all types of acne.

  • Works well for both active acne and acne scars.
  • NeoClear does take multiple treatments spaced closely together for optimal results. For acne, some types respond more dramatically than others and lack of treatment response or relapse is a possibility depending on underlying systemic/hormonal factors.

Physician Testimonials

"The NeoClear treatment for acne is the one of the most popular acne devices we use for our patients with acne. It is virtually painless and it works. Patients are truly satisfied with the results."  -Michael Gold, M.D.

"There is no downtime for the patient and activities can be resumed quickly. It is a very comfortable procedure for the patient and the heat experienced is tolerable and adjustable if needed." -Kevin Pinski, M.D. 

Additional Information (provided by Aerolase)

Procedure Description:

NeoClear by Aerolase is a new, highly effective therapy for treating all types of acne including moderate to severe and cystic acne, acne on dark skin, and acne on the torso. The NeoClear treatment uses Aerolase 650 technology, which offers patients of all ages and skin types an excellent alternative treatment approach for acne, especially for those who do not want or have not responded to traditional therapies, including oral medications. It is also the only light-based therapy that can be used on tanned skin any time of the year.

What It Does:
The NeoClear treatment can be used for both children and adults with moderate to severe acne. With younger patients, NeoClear may produce faster results and eliminate risk of long-term scarring. With adults, the procedure can work to improve not only acne, but also the overall tone and texture of the patient?s skin.

Best Patient Candidates:?
Patients of any age and all skin types.

Benefits of NeoClear:
Quick results with possibility of improvement in as little as a single treatment.
Avoid potential side effects and therapeutic delay of systemic therapies.
Effective and safe for all skin types and tanned skin? May be helpful for difficult acne such as cystic acne.

Clinical Applications:
Acne on all bodily areas for all skin types and tanned skin, including problematic conditions including cysitic acne.

U.S. Procedure Price Range:
$200 to $600 USD per treatment.

Average Number of Treatments:
3-6 treatments

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Considered one of the most common skin diseases in the U.S., acne can occur at any age, and it can affect both men and women. When excess oil gets trapped under the top layer of the skin, acne bumps and sores (pimples, blackheads or cysts) develop as the result of the skin inflammation. The skin condition is also known as acne vulgaris.