Dec 03, 2019

Pain Doesn't Have to be a Part of Your Aesthetic Procedure!

When you consider having a cosmetic procedure, do you immediately ask, "Is it going to hurt?" It's a common concern for many and if the thought of pain is keeping you from having a procedure, watch the video below as Dr. Roy Geronemus tells us there are many ways to keep pain at bay.

"I think someone coming in for a cosmetic procedure or a medical procedure should not experience pain, or a least minimize the pain so the patient is comfortable," says board-certified cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Roy Geronemus. Geronemus explains there are a variety of things physicians can do to keep patients comfortable.  

#1 Topical anesthetic - Numbing creams are given to you before procedures such as injections and some laser treatments. It's typically applied about 30 minutes before a procedure.  

#2 Local anesthetic - Local anesthesia is used to numb the feelings in a specific part of the body and doesn't last long. This is often a good option for procedures such as tattoo removal or having something removed from your skin. 

#3 Nerve block - Facial nerve blocks give patients significant regional anesthesia. Physicians may use a nerve block when injecting the nose, nasolabial fold, cheek, upper and lower lip.  

#4 Laughing gas - Can help you feel relaxed and help reduce pain. Nitrous oxide is also nicknamed ‘laughing gas’ as it can also lead to feelings of euphoria. This may be a great solution for those who have needle phobias or ultra-sound procedures and radio-frequency procedures. 

#5 Intravenous sedation - IV sedation is administered through a vein and patients are able to breathe on their own. Many call it "twilight sleep" because depending on how much is used many patients are able to talk.

#6 General anesthesia - For more aggressive procedures where breathing is controlled with an endotracheal tube that has been inserted into the windpipe. General anesthesia is reserved for patients having major surgery, such as a facelift.