Jul 08, 2019

Prejuvenation.com is Here!

Welcome to Prejuvenation.com!

Why wait until you get old when you can stop or delay the aging process now? “Prejuvenation” is the latest catchphrase that has taken the aesthetic community by storm. It’s the fastest-growing field in dermatology and plastic surgery, combining preventive measures with rejuvenation. Prejuvenation is any treatment or procedure that reverses or slows aging in a relatively quick and non-surgical way.

How prejuvenation.com works

Prejuvenation.com combines the reach of social media with the power of an expert all-star editorial staff. Professionally-written articles and engaging videos provide the foundation for discovering the best ways to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Prejuvenation.com will offer articles and videos with a millennial-minded approach to the world of cosmetic procedures and treatments. We’ll also be expanding our social media footprint to engage millennials.

Prejuvenation.com Features ZALEA News and Finance

Additionally, ZALEA News is merging with Prejuvenation.com-  to dramatically expand our media platform focusing on the preventative approach to aesthetic procedures.

ZALEA News' current unbiased articles and product reviews now have a designated section on the Prejuvenation.com home page, called “ZALEA News.” We’re also moving forward with ZALEA's one-of-a-kind, “ZALEA Patient Financing.” Importantly, the ZALEA panel of physicians, experts, and advisory board members will be here to guide our efforts and deliver the best news and information on a wide variety of topics. 

We look forward to sharing the latest news, views and insights with our audience and to hearing your comments and feedback.