Sep 26, 2019

The Lip Flip... What in the World is That?

The "Lip Flip" procedure is where skilled injectors or physicians use tiny microdroplets of Botox into the top orbicularis muscle. The orbicularis is the muscle that surrounds the mouth. 

It serves two purposes, it minimizes vertical lip lines, and it also reveals more upper lip show

Dr. Ashley Gordon, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Austin says, "We like to have patients who are interested in having lip filler come in about two weeks prior to their treatment and we do the Lip Flip."

Gordon explains this helps patients to see more of their lip. "It also helps us because more of the lip is showing and it's easier to inject and to create the beautiful line along the vermilion and the cupid's bow. It's a great little trick, and we really love the Lip Flip!"

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