Jul 19, 2019

Using Energy to Improve Feminine Health Issues

By Carolynn Grimes

As women age and after childbirth, many women experience feminine health issues such as vaginal laxity, dryness, and incontinence. Dr. Red Alinsod, a specialist in urogynecology, says if you’re having problems with female health, look into radio-frequency treatments and laser treatments to see what fits your need.  

As the director and founder of South Coast Urogynecology and The Alinsod Institute for Aesthetic Vulvovaginal Surgery, Alinsod caters to the needs of women. His booming practice encompasses all female health issues from annual paps and physicals, to incontinence and prolapse treatments, bioidentical hormones and menopause, and aesthetic labial and vaginal surgery.      

Don’t Jump into Surgery 

In this evolving field, studies and clinical experience suggest that feminine genital rejuvenation using energy-based devices instead of surgery may be an attractive option for patients with mild to moderate concerns.  

“If I were a patient and wanted to improve my feminine health, I wouldn’t jump immediately into surgery or a procedure. I would do a lot of research first,” says Alinsod.

For example, Alinsod explains that with radio-frequency treatments there’s absolutely no downtime, and you can get treated for dermatological conditions such as dry skin, loose skin, and sensitive skin. On the other hand, a laser-based treatment works very well for those with moisture issues. There is a little bit of downtime, but they’re quick treatments.  

“Sometimes a combination of these two treatments helps, sometimes using regenerative medicines such as PRP, (platelet-rich plasma) or even the use of topical estrogens may help the woman achieve her goal. Don’t just jump in with the newest, trendiest procedure, do a little research first," states Alinsod.


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