Jan 14, 2020

We Want to Know: Megan Fox

In this segment of  “We Want to Know” Dr. Ashley Gordon, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Austin, Texas takes a look at Megan Fox’s before and after photos. Megan is considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and we want to know what cosmetic procedures has she had?

“People are always asking, what surgical or non-surgical procedures has Megan Fox had? I think she hasn't had very many, especially for a Hollywood actress. As you can see, this is a picture of her in her late teens. Now she's in her 30’s.  She's stunning and she has great eyes,” says Gordon. 


“I think the main thing that she's had done is she's had a rhinoplasty. You can see here, the dorsum of her nose is really wide and the tip is a little bit, Ill-defined.  You can see here she really has a perfect nose.  It's thinner, it's more dainty, it's more feminine, and I think it really suits her face,” explains Gordon. 

Lip Filler

"I think she's doing a really good job with her eyebrows.  She hasn't had a brow lift or any eyelid surgery. It looks like she may have a little bit of lip filler because her lips are really nice and plump. So I think overall probably the only surgical thing she's had is a rhinoplasty and some lip filler. So beautiful, Megan Fox!"