Jul 12, 2019

What is the Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal?

What is the Cost of Laser Tattoo Removal? - Prejuvenation Article Banner

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is a method of tattoo removal that uses concentrated energy to break down the pigments in tattoo ink, shattering them into very tiny particles which are then absorbed into and eliminated by the body. The process of laser tattoo removal takes several sessions before the ink pigment begins to fade, and patients experience some discomfort during the treatment due to the heat of the laser. The type of treatment that is most effective depends on many factors of the tattoo, including the ink colors, patient skin tone, and the size and location of the tattoo.


PicoSure is a type of laser that delivers very short pulses and wavelengths of energy in order to break up pigment in the skin. PicoSure controls the amount of heat that is delivered during the treatment, making it less painful than other laser tattoo removal methods. This procedure is performed with a numbing cream or local anesthetic, and patients may feel mild to moderate discomfort. The amount of time the procedure takes is anywhere from less than a minute to 20 minutes. Multiple sessions are needed in order to remove the tattoo completely, and most patients require 4-10 treatment sessions before the ink is dissolved. The cost for a PicoSure treatment ranges between $1,100 - $3,000 according to the size, location, and pigment of the tattoo.


 PicoWay is an ultrafast dual wavelength laser that is suitable for tattoo removal on all ranges of skin tones. Similar to PicoSure in the way it shatters tattoo ink, PicoWay has the fastest laser speed in the world, effectively breaking up pigment while delivering less heat to the skin than PicoSure does. The less heat is transferred to the patient, the more comfortable the procedure and less downtime required for recovery. PicoWay tends to deliver more impressive results with less scarring and fewer treatment sessions. Cost for PicoWay varies on size and pigment factors, and averages between $1,400 - $3,800.


 Enlighten is a laser that delivers both picosecond and nanosecond variable pulse durations in order to effectively target tattoo ink for optimal removal. The laser first utilizes longer nanosecond pulses to break down larger ink particles, and then once broken down, shorter picosecond pulses are able to further shatter the smaller ink particles. Unlike other laser treatments which require multiple sessions, patients can see results in less than three sessions. This type of laser is also very effective at removing a range of colors of ink that are notoriously difficult, such as blue and green. At an average cost of $575, it can be a more affordable method of laser tattoo removal. 



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