Jun 23, 2019

Will the Real Expert Please Stand Up!

By Carolynn Grimes 

Social media is the perfect place for the aesthetic industry to showcase new treatments and incredible “before and after” patient pictures. But as a consumer, how do you know if the images you’re seeing are authentic? Have the pictures been altered, and has it really been just one treatment? 

We sat down with Dr. Doris Day, a world-renowned, board-certified dermatologist and popular author and speaker, to hear her thoughts on staying authentic in the sometimes-sensational field of cosmetic dermatology. 

Day has become very proficient in social media over the years, and through trial and error has learned what resonates with consumers and what other dermatologists should be doing to continue to elevate the field through education.

Is It Real or FAKE? 

In the early years of social media, Day says, you would see before and after pictures that were kind of sensational or possibly too good to be true. But she says, don’t be tempted to give in to the sensationalist ideas and images. The public will soon see through false posting. “If you’re steady about it, if you’re consistent in your approach, if you’re authentic, it will show through,” states Day.

Being authentic is a motto Day learned early in life while completing her master's degree in Journalism school before going into medicine. “The first thing I learned was to let people put their own foot in their mouth. If you just stay true and ethical to who you are, and you don’t give in, you will shine through, so be patient.”

The Real Experts

Day believes more dermatologists need to do be active in social media in the way of posting and educating the public. “If we don’t put ourselves out there as the experts and if we don’t explain the procedures to the public, we can’t complain when other people are doing it for us.”

NBCnews.com recently posted this tweet: “Dentists Doing Dermatology? Cosmetics Lure Docs of All Types”. The tweet further explained how a growing number of doctors who are not board- certified in the aesthetic field are performing cosmetic procedures after a weekend course. To this, Day responded, “Do Your Homework! When it comes to aesthetic treatments, don’t cut corners or look for bargains.”

Good advice for anyone looking to improve themselves with any type of treatment, whether it’s Botox, fillers, or body shaping. Look for an expert who is board-certified in dermatology or a related field such as plastic surgery.

“We have to remember why we do it.  We’re doing it because this is what we love, this is what we’re trained to do, and that’s our core. If we stick to that and try to put that out to the public, the public will get it,” says Day.